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                             Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (The Home of Liver Transplants at UPMC)
                             Leah my post transplant coordinator
                             Yvette She is so ~~FUNNY~~ and a great friend!
                                 Dr. Forrest Dodson, My liver transplant surgeon and friend!

He is now in Louisiana and is missed by all.

                             Bob with 2 of the sweetest gals in the world!

(L) is Maggie and (R) is Yvette

                             Dr. John Fung (chief of transplant surgeons) he is a great person and friend!
                             Dr. Jain, me and Leah my coordinator
                  Hi there Dr. Jain!! He is the Greatest! My Transplant Doctor and Friend!
                             Janet, Mary Ellen, and Jan, three of the sweetest nurses on 10D at UPMC
                            Dr John Fung and me. Dr. Fung is the Head Doctor of the transplant surgeons! I am so lucky to have my picture taken with him!
                   Rick and Me. He is the swell guy who is in charge of parking my car at Falk Clinic
                             Sr. Mary Kay a very encouraging person and so sweet!
                             Terry Morris, Head Nurse of 10D at UPMC and is so very nice and compassionate to all
                             (right) Tracy, Head of Nurses in ICU and my good friend!! She is so Sweet to everyone!!       (left) Ann Marie a darling nurse on 10D at UPMC
                             Velma (head of housekeeping) the best!!

She goes beyond the call of duty!



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